More about me...

Stuff you might not really “need to know,” but since you obviously have so much free time, I thought you might have extra room in your brain for useless factoids about me:

  • I am a busy stay-at-home mommy to 5 kids age 9 and under (I KNOW!!)  and yes...I know how "it" happens...and no, "it" won't be happening again - shortly after baby #5 Mr. Sweetshack figured "it" out...and got it taken care
  • As much as I love baking...I really can't cook.  Mr. Sweetshack does most of the cooking because it comes so naturally to him and he is an incredible on nights when he works late we have brownies for dinner.  Just kidding.  But I am trying to improve my cooking, plus the kids are tired of grilled cheese.  So there you go.
  • I love pink.  Pink is my favorite color.  No seriously.  I will go out of my way to buy a product that I don't need just because it is pink.  I have been known to purchase the more expensive yet identical item just because it is pink (cake boxes, cameras, phones, cookie cutters...etc.).  So - note to manufacturers - make more things pink ;)
  • Flip flops are my favorite.  I wear them all seasons (except when it’s rainy, cause then they make you slip…) 
  • I love to blog…but sometimes life gets too chaotic for me to do that as regularly as I would like to.  Try to ignore the dates on my posts (and the distance in between those dates) and just keep reading for more good stuff.  Also sometimes (ok lots of times) I type a really awesome blog post and then something computer-y happens and I loose that post…and am forced to peek through the cobwebs in my mommy brain to re-write one that is maybe not as good cause maybe I forgot all the good stuff.  Sorry about that.  I will try to hit “save” more often ;)
  •   I have a small home-based business that operates under the Texas Cottage Foods Law, if you are interested you can find it here -  

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